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By Alaska standards, Anchorage is a sprawling metropolis, and is home to nearly half of Alaska's 600,000 residents. Anchorage is often referred to as the 'air cross roads of the world' due to its strategic location between major population centers in North America, Europe and Asia. The town is chock full of great restaurants, shops, and attractions, as well as a dozens of nice hotels, motels and inns. Some popular tours and activities include the Museum of History and Fine Art, the Alaska Native Heritage Center, the Alaska Zoo and the Alaska Experience Imax Theater.

As with most of Alaska, hotels book up early during the peak months from the third week of May through the first week in September. Including hotels, motels, inns and bed and breakfasts there are easily over 100 properties spread out across the city of Anchorage. Most hotels are concentrated near the airport or the downtown area. These two areas are separated by a distance of roughly six miles. Many people choose an airport hotel for their first or last night in Alaska for the convenience, while other prefer to stay downtown. For an airport hotel we recommend the Holiday Inn Express, and if you are staying downtown, the Anchorage Aspen Hotel is a good choice. Alaska Railroad and bus trips to Denali or Seward leave in the morning nearby, and both properties are moderately priced compared to other options.

Anchorage is usually the starting and or ending point of most visitors' Alaska vacations. Anchorage is the airline hub for visitors arriving into the state, as well as those connecting to commuter service to outlying communities. The Alaska Railroad and bus service to Seward or Talkeetna, Denali Park and Fairbanks also departs from Anchorage. Anchorage offers the largest selection of rental cars companies, and nearly all cruise ship passengers travel through Anchorage on their way to or from Seward. Anchorage is also home to Lake Hood, the world largest sea plane base, offering spectacular flightseeing trips.

Your Alaska travel plans will almost certainly include a stay in Anchorage, we recommend two or three nights total, preferable at the beginning and or end of your Alaska vacation.

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